After experiencing first hand the potential benefits that CBD has to offer to both humans & animals the concept for ‘Verjur’ was conceived. 

What started as an idea soon turned in to months of intensive research and a search for a supplier in whom we could trust to supply the grade of product that we required.

What we have learned along the way is that in a currently unregulated industry, there are many people ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ both small and large.  What people claim and what end product is delivered varies vastly across the board.  We have learned much about every aspect of CBD production right from the initial growing of the hemp to harvesting & extraction techniques to blending and bottling.  Like anything in this world, it will only ever be as strong as its weakest component that’s why it was so important that every link in the chain was equally as good as the last.

Here at Verjur, we are really proud of our products.  Each and every one has been rigorously tested before entry in to the market.  We have a team of experts behind us and an industry leading ISO class 5 production facility.  We are, to our knowledge, the only UK based company that guarantee’s a content deviation of under 1.5% and brings you a true ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ product.

We will continue to research, develop and introduce new products throughout our range and hope that you will benefit from using them, whilst safe in the knowledge that you can trust what you are putting in to your body.

Paul Alvarez
Manging Director

We aim to ensure that every customer is entirely satisfied with every product, on every occasion. We are so confident that we can deliver on providing excellent customer service that we enqcourage every customer to review us on Trustpilot – and we let the results do the talking for us.

We worked with industry leading producers and suppliers to develop a range of CBD products that contain only what they say on the label and that leave most competing brands in the dust in terms of product quality. Our CBP products contain no added extras, no secret ingredients just pure CBD extracts and derivatives.

Experience and skill sets from health & well being, fitness & customer service were combined through the partnership of the founding managing directors to create a new, consumer focused CBD business determined to set positive standards in the wellness and fitness markets for all CBD products and to bring the powerful benefits of CBD to the UK and European markets.