CBD Isolate Tinctures

The CBD isolate we use is created from the highest-grade hemp and created using a CO2 extraction process, which separates the individual molecules.  This ensures our cannabinoid compounds are incredibly pure (99+%), with no pesticides or heavy metals present in their production.  Only food-grade flavourings are used in our products.


All our products are produced using the finest grade hemp and the latest production techniques, processed to the highest standards in our ISO Class 5 facility here in the UK.  Our products are pharmaceutical grade and we guarantee a CBD content deviation of under 1.5% in all our products – a standard that we are yet to see from any other UK manufacturer. You will find a batch code on everyone of our products, this allows us to trace each and every bottle right back to source.

All our products are 100% Natural, from non GMO crops, are Vegan friendly and contain 0% THC 

Medical Disclaimer

All our products are ‘food supplements’ and any information contained within this site should not be considered as medical advice.  You should seek the advice of health professionals about the use of CBD and be mindful of any local regulations and restrictions that apply.

Shelf Life

All our products contain a ‘Produced-on-Date’, you can expect a minimum life expectancy of 12 months although stored correctly this shelf life will be dramatically increased.


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